7 Essence

The word 7 Essence have been associated with many aspects of life. The birth of music comes from Swara the 7 notes of music. Rainbows have seven colours that unite to bring white which signifies purity, bliss and wholeness of life. The theme of the musical ensemble was inspired from this very thought. We seven artist together would take you to a musical journey. The fine tunes of Sarangi, Mridangam and Sitar would come alive with the beats of tabla and enchanting Padhant and Vocals. All these mesmerising musical essence would be enlightened on the stage by hypnotizing Kathak performance. The seven artist are the seven essence of this musical journey that would take you to a world of its own. Our first Essence is an Invocatory number which is an offering to the Almighty.

Here Mahua Shankar does Shiva Vandana describing the glory of Lord Shiva/Lord Krishna. or Sufi Kalaam… Our second Essence is a Jugalbandi of Sarangi and Sitar by Murad Ali Khan and Fateh Ali khan. The significance of Jugalbandi is a friendly rendezvous between two artists, which is mostly done in Indian Classical music. Jugalbandi features a duet of two musicians and it means literally entwined twins. Our next Essence is pure techniques of kathak ( Nritta ) By: Mahua Shankar Nritta is the illustration of rhythm through graceful body movements. Here Mahua Shankar the Dancer is featuring the pure traditional aspects of Lucknow Gharana. Mahua Shankar is accompanied by Ustad Akram Khan on Tabla, Murad Ali Khan on Sarangi , Fateh Ali khan on Sitar, Shuheb Hasan on vocal and Nupur Shankar on Padhant. Our next Essence is Jugalbandi of Tabla and Mridangam by Ustad Akram Khan and Shri N Padmanabhan Here the two eminent artists will be fusing Hindustani and Carnatic Rythme together. It will be like a Sangam of North and South. Our next Essence will be Abhinaya. In Indian Classical Dance it is referred to as Rasa Abhinaya,meaning of each word into appropriate mudras,to describe a God,King or person… Here Mahua Shankar will be doing a Shringarik Thumri, Dadra or Chaiti, Sufiana Kalam….. Here on vocal she will be supported by Shuheb Hasan.

"All the Essence are concluding with an Ensemble where all the 7 Essence will perform together. Here there will Bowing, Strokes, Footwork, Gayaki, Padhant & Vaadan. This will reach a crescendo and finish with a climax of Music and Dance……

Nupur Shankar ( Padhant Vocal)
Murad Ali Khan ( Sarangi )
Fateh Ali Khan ( Sitar )
Ustad Akram Khan on (Tabla )
Shuheb Hassan ( Vocal )
Pt. Rupak Kulkarni ( Flute )
Mahua Shankar ( Kathak )
( A Duet of  Sarangi & Sitar by)
Murad Ali Khan ( Sarangi )
Fateh Ali Khan ( Sitar )
Accompanied by Ustad Akram Khan on (Tabla )
( Solo Kathak by ) Mahua Shankar
Accompanied by Ustad Akram Khan
Nupur Shankar on ( Padhant & Vocal)
Shuheb Hassan on ( Vocal )
(Solo Flute by ) Pt. Rupak Kulkarni
Accompanied by Ustad Akram Khan

Mahua Shankar

Essence of Indian Classical Dance

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