Performances 2019
Spic Macay
Cloud9 Presents SoulSamvaad by Murad Ali Khan-Sarangi,
Fateh Ali Khan-Sitar, Shuheb Hasan-Vocal, Nupur Shankar-Padhant, Shahbaaz Khan Tabla, Sunil Nirwan-Dholak
VENUE : Hotel Lalit Resort Srinagar Kashmir
DATE : 03-02-2019
TIME : 18:30pm
Spic Macay(Invitation Card)
Glbimr in coordination with spic macay cordially invites you on A cultural milieu of indian heritage showcasing the indian rich heritage through classical performance by Smt. Mahua Shankar Renowned Kathak Dancer (Disciple of Padma Vibhushan Shri pandi Birju Maharaj)
DATE : 09-02-2019(Saturday)
TIME : 03:00 pm onwards | lunch 1:30pm
Shivaji College University of Delhi presents Jashn-E-Sufi at vibratious 19 By Mahuashankar(Kathak Exponent) Music Composed By Murad Ali Khan, Murad Ali Khan(Sarangi), Fateh Ali Khan(SITAR), Shuheb Hasan(Vocal), Sunil Nirman(Dholak), Zohaib Hasan(Vocal), Abdul Rehman(Tabla and percussions), Nupur Shakar(Padhant)
DATE : 20-02-2019
Last Moment Concert A musical meet between two great musicians from france & india Titi Robin, composition Guitar, Buzuq and Ustad murad ali khan, Sarangi. Featuring Padma shri gulabo Sapera(sapera dance from Rajasthan) Mahua Shankar(Kathak Dance) Shuheb Hasan(Vocal),Aman Ali Khan(Tabla) and Dino Banjara(Percussions)
VENUE : ML Bhartia Auditorium, Alliance Francaise DE Delhi, 72 Lodi Estate New Delhi - 110003
DATE : 11-02-2019
TIME : 07:00pm
1st Time in Punjab 2 Days Kathak Workshop
Dancing Lions Dance & Music Studio 1st Time in Punjab 2 Days Kathak Workshop, Mahua Shankar (Kathak Exponent Lucknow Gharana), Sashwat Shankar (Assistant), Nupur Shankar (Assistant)
Deshbandhu Influencing Public Opinion Since 1959S
Audiences spellbound on seeing kathak dancer's performance
DATE : 11-02-2019
Sanskrati Kumbh 2019
"7 Essence A Group of Indian Classical Music & Kathak"
VENUE : Akshayvat manch sector 4, Mahaveer Marg Sangam Lower Prayagraj by Fateh Ali Khan(sitar), Murad Ali khan(Sarangi), Shuheb Hasan(vocal), Mahua Shankar(Kathak), Nupur Shankar Padhant, Ustad Akram Khan(Tabla)
DATE : 25-02-2019
TIME : 06:00pm
Chakradhar Samaroh 2019
Performing on 2nd September at 35th Chakradhar Samaroh, Chattisgarh (Rajgarh)
Dance workshop was conducted in Guwahati (Assam) from 24th to 29th July organised under Nrityangan- an institute of Dance & Music.
DATE : 02-09-2019
21st July 2019
Kathak Solo for Shruti Foundation organised by
Pt. Mithilesh Kumar Jha at (Greater Noida). along with Murad Ali Khan, Fateh Ali Khan, Amaan Ali Khan, Shuheb Hasan & Nupur Shankar...
PT Nand Kishore Sharma Smriti Sangeet Samaroh
PT Nand Kishore Sharma Smriti Sangeet Samaroh Bharat Bhawan Bhopal Kathak Exponent - Mahua Shankar Traditional Kathak Solo & Group Dancers : Richa Sharma, Riddhi Jain, Nupur Shankar Accompanied by : Ustad Akram Khan - Tabla, Murad Ali Khan - Sarangi, Shuheb Hasan - Vocal & Harmonium, Nupur Shankar - Padhant
DATE : 18-09-2019
TIME : 18:30pm

Mahua Shankar

Essence of Indian Classical Dance

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