Essence of
Indian Classical Dance.

Mahua, classical Kathak danseuse and a performing artist for over a decade, is an extraordinary young dancer, adding subtle innovations to the Kathak repertoire while preserving the tenets of the classical style.

Mahua, with her enchanting stage presence, has earned acclamation for her intense, sensitive & graceful Kathak presentations. Mahua is an Empanelled artist of ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) and also a Graded artist of Delhi Doordarshan, New Delhi. She has been very recently certified by CID UNESCO (Paris, France) and has been made a member for the year 2019.


Mahua Shankar
The Art of Kathak

An ancient dance form and one of the 8 Classical dances of India, Kathak originated in North India when Kathakars or bards used to recite religious and mythological tales to the accompaniment of music, mime and dance. The name Kathak is derived from the Sanskrit word katha meaning story, and katthaka in Sanskrit means s/he who tells a story, or to do with stories. In the very early days of Indian history the best forms of dance were offered in temples for the glory of God as a religious art born in temples. From the 16thcentury, onwards it absorbed certain features of Persian dance and central Asian dance which were imported by the royal courts of the Mughal era. Kathak, was a religious art born in temples, but later flourished in royal Darbars (courts) of the Rajasthan States in medieval India. Expressive motion, rhythmic accuracy, graceful turning, poised stances, technical clarity, hand gestures (mudras) and subtle expression (bhava-abhinaya) are important components of modern Kathak. This graceful dance form is full of Life and Vigor and the performers set the stage on Fire with the passionate and heart touching stories they emote.

A classic amalgamation of dance and music was presented by Ajrada Gharana as a soulful evening when seven renowned artists came together on stage. This is about Seven Artists spreading the fragrance of their art on the same platform. Essence covers all aspects of Indian Music and Dance. Instrumental music consists of different forms like Blowing, Bowing,

Mahua Shankar Mahua Shankar Mahua Shankar Mahua Shankar
7 Essence
Mahua Shankar Mahua Shankar
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Upcoming Events

Sadhana Kathak Kendra Presents
3rd Guru Surendra Saikia Memorial Festival & Award Ceremony 2018

Latest Events

Sankat Mochan
Mochan Sangeet Samaroh
2018 6th April ( Varanasi)
Accompained by :

Ustad Akram Khan, Ustad Murad Ali Khan, Nupur Shankar & Shuheb Hasan.

Lecture demonstration by Mahua Shankar 
Venue1st May 2018 (Delhi)
Time: 10:30am

Kathak workshop & Concerts in Taiwan

Mahua Shankar, very renowned Kathak dancer recently presented a very beautiful performance in Taiwan nd was admired by everyone on her performance in National Taiwan University and Indian office 

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Performing for Pracheen Kala Kendra Mahua Shankar

Mahua Shankar

Essence of Indian Classical Dance

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